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Changing the Landscape of America, One Family at a Time.

What Sets Responsible College Advocates Apart?

Through over a decade of experience, Responsible College Advocates have succeeded in easing the financial burden on families and their students both on how to accomplish paying for college upfront while easing and increasing your lifestyle after college, and eliminating any and all college debt accrued. We walk with your family and your student throughout the whole process, designating you with your own personal coach.

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An Impactful Mission

  • Alleviate the Stress
  • A Holistic Strategy
  • Community Resource
  • Our Mission to Our Families
  • Our Mission to Our Universities
  • Our Mission to Our Companies & Organizations
  • Our Mission to Our Advisors

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Our overarching mission is to Change the Landscape of America, One Family at a Time. We aim to put your goals at the center of your holistically crafted strategy with ongoing and vital prompting to ensure that your family stays ahead of the game while preparing for college and the after-college years.

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Contact a BDA (Business Development Advisor)

Get in contact with a Business Development Advisor to receive information regarding our discovery days! If you would like to impact the community around you in a positive manner by solving a real and pressing issue in their lives, then check out Our Mission to ensure that our values are aligned.


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Certification Exam

We require that our specialists take their respective exams to receive the Pay-for-College Specialist & College Debt Specialist titles. Find out more on a discovery day coming soon!

Training & Content

Just as we have ongoing communication for out clients, we also provide insightful and impactful training on a regular basis for our specialists. We update our training and content for our specialists often with the heavy lifting already done and the language already time tested and proven to work.

$1.6 Trillion

In College debt


of the college debt is held by the parents


Average wages for a college graduate

The Pay-for-college Impact

Our Pay-for-College Programs

Lifecycle planning that starts with your family's biggest distribution before retirement: College. We will aid in easing the burden of how  to pay for college, alleviating the stress of knowing where the money is coming from, and illustrating the impact of not optimizing your Pay-for-College strategy in the after-college years. Don't let college derail the rest of your life by being dragged down by college debt and putting your life on hold to accomplish your education goals. With our two programs, we give you holistic strategies that will grow with you as life happens and flexible to fit you and your family's needs.

A Community Resource Program designed to holistically solve your Pay-for-College Problem without derailing your after-college goals. Our certified Pay-for-College Specialists excel at taking traditional college planning to a whole new level!

A Community Resource Program to help alleviate the stress and pain of college loans, Student & Parent alike, in a fast, efficient, and healthy manner! Our certified College Debt Specialists see the students they work with get out of all their debt in 5.4 years or less about 90% of the time. Regardless of the size of your debt, we can help!

The RCA Method

21 years

Average repayment period for college debt

Changing the Landscape of America,

One Family at a Time.



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