A Holistic Approach to College Debt

Defined by the education you receive, not the debt you carry.

What is The College Debt Elimination Program©?

The College Debt Elimination Program© is a custom savings strategy to help put the power of your dollar back in your hand. To accomplish this, a Certified College Debt Specialist works with you to build a custom strategy centered around your goals. As a result, graduates have shaved off up to 50% of their time in debt & interest paid while building their savings.

B.A.S.I.C.S.© of College Loans & Debt

Your balance is the original amount of money that was borrowed plus interest. However, reducing your highest balance first is not always the right path. There is a balance to managing debt, your lifestyle and when life happens.
Active Economy
Your Active Economy is defined as your spending habits, earned income and where it goes. Using this, you will have a strategy that fits your lfiestyle.
Supercharged Savings Strategy©
By using appropriate savings tools, you can accelerate the debt repayment period while building a savings without the risking a step back.
Interest Rate
Repaying around “Highest Interest Rate to Lowest” doesn’t solve the problem as a whole. Attacking your debts in the right way creates the biggest impact and savings on interest.
Cash Flow Management
Knowing when income is earned and the destination of those dollars is cash flow management. However, we're over the diets that don't work. Put the power of your dollar back in your pocket.

The College Debt Elimination Program©
Strategy Overview

Financial Foundation

Building a financial foundation that can adapt as life happens is key. Putting this in place today results in clarity and understanding tomorrow. A Certified College Debt Specialist will work with you to build a custom strategy centered around your goals.

Repayment Plan Selection

Everyone’s situation is different and deserves custom attention. By doing so, you are able to move forward in selecting a repayment plan with confidence. However, if you have already selected a repayment plan or have been making payments, a Certified College Debt Specialist can help. They will help organize and strategize to make sure you are getting the most out of your repayment selection.

Goal Planning

Be defined by the education you received, not the debt you carry. Life is not about financial diets or putting everything on hold to service debt. This results in stress and ‘what if’. Moreover, include your goals & ambitions in your strategy. That means, your dream car, vacations, starting your own business – they are all part of the process.

Debt Timeline & B.A.S.I.C.S.© Report

Your B.A.S.I.C.S.© report will give you a breakdown and projection for the long & short term. First, you will understand a where most of your debt is being held (College Loans, Auto Loans, Credit Cards, etc.) and the difference between Good and Bad debt. Secondly, you will be given a timeline on how you are currently positioned – time in debt, interest paid, impact on lifestyle goals. Thirdly, you will be shown how to optimally pay off your loans and the impact it has. The result of this report is clarity and understanding moving forward.

Again, this report and all services are available at absolutely no cost through our partnership with the Heartland Institute of Financial Education, a national non-proft.

Traditional Thinking Has Worked Failed

Average Savings for those Under 35


Graduates Moving Back Home


Delay Saving for Retirement


Mortgages Declined Due to Debt


Total College Debt

$1.6 Trillion

Who The College Debt Elimination Program© Can Help

The Recent Graduate
You're starting from ground zero. So, why not start with the power of your dollar in your hands.
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The Non-Traditional Student
Went back to school? If so, then recapture the power of your dollar.
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Parents Who Accrued Debt
You may have taken out parent loans. After that, let's keep you on track to retire with confidence.
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