A Responsible Mission

to impact those faced with a Pay-for-College & College Debt problem

To Our Families
Empower families with the knowledge and resources to navigate the college process to achieve their education goals without sacrificing their after-college lifestyle.
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To Our Institutions
Increase the overall value they are able to bring to their families and students to attend and achieve their education goals without the stress of '"how do I pay for this?". All of this while complimenting the current resources available on behalf of the institution.
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To Our Certified Specialists
Provide resources, content and ongoing training to thoroughly impact the families and students in their community.
About Our Programs

For Everyone We Serve

4 Generations of Ideas & Expertise

Stanley J. Targosz III

President, Co-Founder

Stanley has been in the college and financial industries for over 15 years. He has helped thousands of families, spoke at national conferences and ushered relationships with a multitude of decision makers in the higher education world. Author of the new book, The Affordable College Plan: The Responsible Alternative to Free College, Stanley outlines the 5 areas of college planning that families need to look at in order to reduce their out of pocket cost and maximize their desired retirement lifestyle. Stanley, along with the other four principals of Responsible College Advocates©, directly trains all of the credentialed and certified specialists working with you.

Christopher Yelcho

CEO, Co-Founder

Christopher Yelcho spent 15 years working in the financial services industry on Wall Street before moving back to Michigan to build the foundational pieces of Responsible College Advocates¬© in 2013. Christopher’s expertise in the custom design and optimization of a Pay-for-College and College Debt as well as the intricacies of higher education has been vital in helping thousands of parents and students navigate the Pay-for-College and College Debt Elimination waters. Stanley and Christopher have been friends since the cub scout years.

Robert Petersen

President of Sales, Co-Founder

Robert Petersen has been vital in presenting thousands of families their custom Pay-for-College and College Debt reports, explaining and detailing their solution in such a way to instill clarity and understanding. Due to his overwhelming success, Robert has trained numerous specialists across the country and been a resource for their families and students. Robert has been instrumental in building Responsible College Advocates© up to the national platform it has now obtained.

Bill Kelly

Director, Business Development & Co-Founder

Bill Kelly’s industry expertise has spanned over the course of 5 decades. He has continually helped develop relationships with local community groups, school districts, and trained our specialists as well. Bill’s hard work and dedication to helping families and students alike has resulted in a national impact.

Nicholas P. Stevens

Manager, Product Development & Co-Founder

Nicholas has grown into many roles through Responsible College Advocates. From coming into the industry in 2018, Nicholas has had his hand in case design, content and product development, specialist training, and client work. To that point, Nicholas has worked with many recent graduates on building a financial future that will grow and adapt as life happens.