Custom College Financial Process

for all stages of the 'college game'

The Affordable College Plan©

A holistic & custom approach to achieving your family's education goals without derailing the rest of your life.
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The Affordable College Plan© is a holistic overview of your personal economy to ensure that you are maximizing gifting, or free dollars, from the Universities your family is looking into. We take a unique approach to college planning as Responsible College Advocates© in the sense that we solve the “Price Tag Problem” for Universities and the impact that your Current Solution versus your Optimized Solution has on your before, during, and after-college years. The Affordable College Plan© is a Community Resource for all who are aiming to achieve their education goals.

Along with solving the “Price Tag Problem” and maximizing your FAFSA Gifting, The Affordable College Plan© also offers our families:

The College Debt Elimination Program©

A Supercharged Savings Strategy centered around a graduates goals and ambitions when tackling their debt.
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Where The Affordable College Plan© secures a safe and stable strategy for college, we have seen that the concern lies within the parent & student loans that have risen to approximately $1.6 billion in America (40% of which is held by the parents). That is why we have developed The College Debt Elimination Program©! Using our expertise in the financial and student loan area, we have devised a Supercharged Savings Strategy that allows 90% of the students we see to get out of all their debt in HALF the time while building their savings and emergency fund. Through this program, we look to instill a level of financial fluency so that graduates and their families can expedite their after-college goals.