The Dis-Ease

of Today

written by

This current environment has been a true test of our ability to settle on our plans for the future.  Right when we think we can have some consistency we get the rug pulled out from under us.  We have so many places to look for recent examples that I do not want to raise your stress levels and mention them.  However, as it relates to college and the family that is looking to the future for what that looks like, it should not be a stressful time.  Here is why I feel confident to say that.

1-      I have been in the college game for over 15 years and have helped thousands of families navigates the college years with grace.  The issue is not the uncertainty of how college looks a year from now.  It is “How do I PAY for it?”  and that hasn’t changed since the early 1900’s.

2-      NO matter what happens, most families do not want their children putting life on hold because of a new learning environment.  The next step WILL happen.  It is how we prepare for it that makes all the difference!

3-      Colleges and Universities are growing in their empathy for families and the decision process they are going through.  You will see more Socially Responsible solutions come out from this time than you might expect.

4-      Free College is not an option, it is a talking point.  Do not count on it.  That has not changed

5-      There are still over 10 places most families can get help to pay for college, most families can only think of 3- Scholarships, Loans and 529 plans.  That has been a bigger issue for the increased parent and student loan problems than the uncertainty that “virtual learning” has brought to the surface

6-      The value of the education is not diminished for those who need the education.    You will not get a reduced cost for learning your student will receive because it is virtual.  You might get to do some of it at home, but there are still cost to that.  Students still eat, drive, use phone plans, and live.

7-      Most families know what college their son or daughter is going to and do not need help getting in.  they need help PAYING for it.

8-      Finally, most families will need to borrow money for students and parents to achieve the college goal for their students.  It is how you borrow, pay it back, and reduce the amount on the front end that has the largest impact for the families we have seen.

We are just scratching the surface with all of this and I encourage you to find a Certified Specialist in your area to solve the pay for college problem. There are Certified Pay-For-College Specialist all over.  You should not have to pay for the information to learn how to pay for college.  I would also encourage you to check out some videos on YouTube or Facebook by searching “Responsible College Advocates”  or visit to get my new book, The Affordable College Plan: The Responsible Alternative to Free College, to shed some light on the rest of the picture.

I hope this gives you hope for the future and puts things sin perspective.  Those who delay making decisions are often at the mercy of the situation when it arrives.  Act now and get in front of the process.  Have a blessed day! I Hope you enjoy the information and the ideas you can take away from this interactive presentation of The Affordable College Plan!