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The College Debt Elimination Program?

Where The Affordable College Plan secures a safe and stable strategy for college, we have seen that the concern lies within the parent & student loans that have risen to approximately $1.6 billion in America (40% of which is held by the parents). That is why we have developed The College Debt Elimination Program! Using our expertise in the financial and student loan realms, we have devised a financial strategy where 90% of the students we see are out of all their debt in 5.4 years or less while building their savings and emergency fund. Through this program, we look to instill a level of financial fluency so that graduates and their families can expedite their after-college goals.

Ongoing & Vital Prompting

Financial Fluency Resources

A Year-by-Year Look at When You're DEBT FREE

The Process

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Contact a College Debt Specialist

Getting in contact with a certified specialist near you is quite simple! Click here to fill out a form to start the process. Our Specialists can meet both fact-to-face and via screenshare or phone, making communication and your conversations easy! Upon contacting a specialist, you will have a 30-minute conversation that allows your specialist to get to know you and your situation. This conversation allows your strategy to be tailored to your specific needs.

Strategy Conversation

Getting to know you and your goals is an important step that aids us in not only forming a strategy for your College Debt problem, but also allows us to set into motion accomplishing your post-graduation goals. Your College Debt Specialist will walk you through each step and detail of the strategy that suits your situation the best and show you the exact month that you will be out of all your debt! Along with this timeline, you will receive a specialist that will update your strategy as life happens.

Budgeting Conversation

Putting all of the financial pieces together will give you the peace of mind and discipline to accomplish all of your goals regardless of debt and circumstance! A budgeting conversation will give you the simple foundation to maximize your strategy without taking a lifestyle cut. Say goodbye to the ramen!

Questions and Decision Making

If you have any questions regarding your optimized debt elimination strategy, your next conversation with your Pay-for-College Specialist will be the time to ask. From this point, you will have a trusted partner helping you to plan your goals!

Life Happens

When the job hunt begins; your lenders are knocking on the door, careers change, your dream house and dream car are just within reach; when starting a family seems to be right around the corner...


Your College Debt Specialist is walking alongside you, and will revise your flexible strategy so you can have a deeper understanding of how things will fall into place.

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