Who are the

Responsible College Advocates?

The Responsible College Advocates are the nation's Community Resource put together to alleviate the stress of figuring out your family's Pay-for-College Problem and reducing your debt on the front end an the time spent in debt in the after-college years. Our two programs, The Affordable College Plan & The College Debt Elimination Program, are designed with your family's specific situation and goals in mind, a custom strategy that works for you! Our Certified Pay-for-College Specialists & College Debt Specialists are trusted partners that plan and update your strategy to stay centered around your goals, both pre-college & post-college.

  • Community Resources for Your Family & Community
  • Lifetime Trusted Partners
  • Certified Specialists Oriented Around Your Goals
  • Knowledge-based Solutions Before, During, & After College
  • College & Financial Industry Expertise

What Does it Mean to be a

Community Resource?

Responsible College Advocates are proud to be a Community Resource for all! We are available to all families without any cost attached. Our business model and motto revolves around our inherent belief that family's shouldn't have to pay for the solution to their Pay-for-College Problem. Being a Community Resource to your family means we will never charge you for the solution and consultation we provide. When you speak with a Pay-for-College Specialist, if there were any third party savings tools that could better your ability to pay for college and the after-college impact, we would ask that you simply do that business with us! Whether or not you say yes or no does not impact your ability to walk away with the bundle of resources we offer. Your solution is your solution! If you decide that the Optimized Strategy is the route you want to take, the third party vendors will pay your specialist a commission!

What Sets RCA Apart

  • Knowledge Based, Goal Oriented Pay-for-College Strategies

    We have done the heavy lifting for gathering knowledge and expertise in the college and financial industries so you don't have to! Our solutions incorporate FAFSA friendly tools and stable growth components that allow us to accurately predict the outcome of any given situation. Our many relationships and resources around the country help inform both our families and specialists on a frequent basis.

  • Ongoing & Vital prompting

    Understanding what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and why it is necessary are oftentimes stressful in regards to the college process. That's why we have automated prompting that goes out to our families to keep them ahead of schedule for all of their pre-college, during-college, and post-college goals.

  • Timeline Approach

    Using a timeline to determine when and where the moneys for college come from alleviates the stress on families and offers a sense of security in knowing what's next. This timeline is updated when life happens and your situation changes!

  • Being a Community Resource

    Being a Community Resource is something that Responsible College Advocates is proud to say! We truly believe that families do not need to pay for the solution to their Pay-for-College Problem. That is why we will never ask for any payment on behalf of the family. Your dollars work for you!

  • The College Debt Elimination Program

    Where The Affordable College Plan secures a safe and stable strategy for college, we have seen that the concern lies within the parent & student loans that have risen to approximately $1.6 trillion in America (40% of which is held by the parents). That is why we have developed The College Debt Elimination Program! Using our expertise in the financial and student loan realms, we have devised a financial strategy where 90% of the students we see are out of all their debt in 5.4 years or less while building their savings and emergency fund. Through this program, we look to instill a level of financial fluency so that graduates and their families can expedite their after-college goals.

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